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Sweet Surrender - Are you listening?


Sitting in solitude and stillness, with no sound but the quiet hum of the breeze in the background, it becomes apparent that we don't often allow ourselves these opportunities enough. How is it that life has gotten so busy?

All too often, we find ourselves surrounded by noise, people, and busyness. This is the yang-style of living. It is the feminine; always switch-tasking, adding to the plate, endlessly desiring more.

Enter the Yin.

This is the masculine. Slow, quiet, and still.

Male or female, we all possess these qualities of masculine and feminine within us. There is no wrong or right balance within each but there is a knowing that both must reside. To each, we must find a proper equation. When this balance is nurtured, we feel alive, content, and happy.

It's the call to calm presence, a quietude that disconnects us from the chatter. This truly allows us to listen to what the body and mind are telling us.

A sweet surrender.

Now listen.

"The more I listen, the more profound the silence becomes [ Dr.Wayne Dyer ]". What meaning does this bring to you? How often do you allow yourself time to listen?

Often in Yoga class, we extend the invitation to turn inward - to connect with self - as we mindfully move in a rhythm that is facilitated so that we can more easily listen. How can we create that same experience on our own?

First, bring yourself to a quiet place. This can be anywhere - in your home, your backyard, a rooftop - or perhaps a park.

Now sit and breathe.

What do you hear?

Do you have any questions or answers you have been in pursuit of? This is a wonderful time to offer those out to the universe. Do you wish for things to stay just as they are? Extend a message of gratitude out to the furthest reach of the sky. Do you feel contentment? Bask in the stillness of the moment.

Sit there. Absorb it. Take it all in.

If it is challenging to sit or lay in such length, try moving slowly in different seated or laying positions on the ground. What do you feel as you sit or lay?

In Yin Yoga, we hold postures for 3 to 5 minutes. In this time, we can often feel sensations in the body we were unaware of previously. This could be a physical ailment, a sore or tight area of the body, or a tension or resistance in the mind space. Sometimes it manifests as discomfort (body or mind).

Take note of it - and without attachment - set a goal to continue forward. Find comfort within the discomfort knowing that there is a release and re-calibration taking place.

This the way the body speaks to us.

Clarity also resides here.



Diana Trang is the owner and visionary of Satori Wellness Studio. Satori Wellness Studio is a mind & body wellness studio located in the community of Southview (#201B, 3517 - 17 Avenue SE) in Greater Forest Lawn. To learn more about yoga, meditation, and brazilian jiu jitsu classes and workshops for wellness, please visit:

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