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Presenting Safety & Wellness Programs for communities that bridge together safety and body/mind wellness.  Wellness programs can be customized to organizational needs through programs of Self Defense (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu), Yoga & Mindfulness, or combined Self Defense/Martial Arts & Yoga.

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Satori is body + mind wellness studio which offers programs, services, workshops and classes that support communities, organizations, families, and children.  Supporting, teaching, and educating is the core of what we do.  By teaching safety through Self Defense, we do our part in growing resilient communities where individuals and communities feels safer, more confident, and more connected to one another. 


For children - we strive to teach them fundamental life skills through self defense, martial arts, mindfulness, and yoga techniques.  In doing so, we "plant seeds" that cultivate healthy attitudes to support children as they grow physically, emotionally, socially, and intellectually. 


It is our mission to share these teachings to enable individuals and communities feel empowered, aware, emotionally intelligent, confident, socially responsible - and happy.

▪           MOVE          ▪          CONNECT          ▪          LEARN          ▪          BELONG          ▪          GROW          ▪    

▪          RESPECT        ▪         DISCIPLINE         ▪         SKILL         ▪         FOCUS          ▪         SELF DEFENSE          ▪    


As an Educational Tool

The teachings of Yoga and Mindfulness are increasingly being recognized as effective educational tools in schools.  Through the practice, children are not only learning a practice which keeps them active and fit, but they are also learning techniques which develop their attention, emotional and cognitive understanding, body awareness, coordination, and interpersonal and social awareness skills.  It gives children an opportunity to "release and reset", resulting in a clearer state of mind - which is optimal for learning.

For Stress & Anxiety

Yoga and Mindfulness practices assist children in achieving better emotional regulation and stability.  They are powerful tools which teach children to live in the present moment and assists them, not only in finding peace within themselves and the world around them; but also, gives them coping strategies to deal with stress and anxiety.  Through the nurturing of positive self-love and growth, children build confidence in themselves and learn many ways to connect and relate to others.



Group of children in white kimono standing and practicing the techniques with each other d
Little boys, children in white kimono tr


Unlike other martial arts which utilize punches and kicks, Jiu Jitsu uses non-violent hold and self defense techniques that can be used in response to physical aggression.  We believe in fostering a strong sense of belonging and teaching compassion and respect for oneself and others.  With consistent practice, children learn how to handle uncomfortable situations, safely.

Character Development

We strive to teach children more than a self defense system, but also a life-long passion and way of life.  Our Jiu Jitsu program intrinsically builds character and instills positive traits, such as: discipline, respect, humility, perseverance, and empathy.


Jiu Jitsu provides a healthy social environment for school-aged children and adolescents.  We join children from diverse cultural and socio-economic backgrounds without prejudice.  Fostering a strong sense of belonging is a major pillar to our program.  Jiu Jitsu has also been successful for children with learning difficulties.


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