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Goal-Setting for Success

With the new year around right the corner, I find myself reflecting on the year past; goals seen to completion, others in progress, and some fallen off the radar. Regardless of the stage, it's a great reminder of how valuable the simple act of writing goals can be; and as someone who appreciates evidenced-based research, I also see that the findings show that there's actually something to it. The more we set goals, the higher our likelihood becomes to achieve them.

In what ways can we benefit from writing-out our goals?

1. It forces you to think about what you wish to accomplish, and thus "plants-a-seed".

2. Focuses your attention on creating a plan-of-action.

3. Creates a form of accountability and commitment.

4. Challenges us to rise-up and take action.

5. Keeps us focused on the task at hand. It's especially helpful to post it somewhere visible.

6. Purpose - creating these lists allows us to reflect on our "why", which is good for the Soul.

7. Personal Development - it improves us and makes us better. "We are what we repeatedly do."

8. Motivates and energizes - especially if writing-goals has been something you've done in the past. Reflecting on past accomplishments fuels future success.

With this said, it'a a natural part of life to be faced with challenges or changes to your goal list. Just as some goals are higher on the importance list than others, some take more of our time - and some less. You may not have completed something on your list yet, but that doesn't mean that you've failed. Much as our habits change, our growth as individuals change, relationships with others change, or the economy changes - so do we - and so our goals evolve just as we do.

So happy goal-setting! What are some of your goals as we approach 2018?

References: Latham & Locke, 2007; Locke & Latham, 1990

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