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10 CLASS PASS * Limited Time Only*




If you have inquired about these before, you'll know that Satori DOES NOT offer "punch card" style class passes.




We've noticed in past that no one stayed consistent on them. Inconsistency meant no progress - and no progress eventually leads to quitting.


We're not in the business of quitting.


Rather, we want everyone who walks through our doors to gain and maintain a healthy lifestyle. We want everyone who steps foot onto our mats to gain skills and community. This comes from consistently SHOWING UP.


Truly, we want everyone to gain what we've gained.


For a limited time, we are trialling this again. Prove us wrong and show us that class passes can work and people can be consistent on them - and we'll make it stick!


In meantime, we are releasing 10 PASSES ONLY.


Can be used for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes and/or Yoga classes.

Can be used for Adults or Kids/Youth.


Cost Breakdown: $30.00/Class

10 Class Pass *Limited Time Only*