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Shiatsu is a Japanese form of Therapeutic Massage which utilizes various pressure points throughout the body to promote relaxation & to alleviate pain and discomfort (think of acupuncture - but without the needles). Shiatsu treatments are performed through the clothes - using a variety of finger, elbow, and body pressure techniques based on Japanese & Ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) philosophy.


It is believed that pain and discomfort in the body is a result of energy (chi/qi) imbalance. Imbalances can often present themselves as knots, aches, pain, or tension in the body. Shiatsu aids in releasing that tension - while also promoting relaxation. The stresses of everyday life can often contribute to imbalance (ie. work, school, family, stress, illness, injury, etc). Shiatsu Therapy can assist you in helping your body re-establish it's natural state of "equilibrium".  


" The principle of Yin and Yang is the basic principle of the entire universe.  It is the principle of everything in creation"   ~ Huangdi Neijing 




TRADITIONAL MASSAGE THERAPY (RMT)  Content under construction - Thanks for your patience! 


Therapeutic and relaxation massage with specialties in:


- Pre/Post Natal Massage

- Relaxation Massage

- Pain & Injury Management

- Whiplash Injuries

- Raindrop Therapy



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